History of Avalon Place

Established in 1979, the association's main goal is to maintain the integrity, beauty and property values of Avalon Place subdivision near River Oaks in Houston, Texas.

History of Avalon Place

(Transcribed by Tommy Dickey from taped interviews with his father.)
My grandfather, Dr. William Thomas Dickey, came to Houston in the 1880's from Virginia. He was the proprietor and resident physician of the Heights infirmary in 1889. In 1890 he bought 460 acres of land in West Houston. The land extended 1,000' each side of what is now Kirby Drive, and ran north from almost Richmond Avenue to Buffalo Bayou. The price was $60 an acre. "When the debt load became burdensome, he sold off 300 acres of the low land, (River Oaks addition from San Felipe north to Buffalo Bayou (Lazy Lane, Del Monte, Inwood, etc.)."

My dad, William M. Dickey, graduated from TCU with a BBA in 1933 and then attended Harvard Graduate School for one year. He started developing Avalon Addition, which was nothing but farmland, in 1936. The economy was terrible and having no other job, he portioned off a block of his land and borrowed $10,500 to put in streets, water pipes, gas lines and everything else necessary to develop 36 lots. As each lot sold, he paid off debt. By WWII, most of the lots in Avalon Place were sold. In 1936 "common labor was receiving $1.00 for an eight hour day's work. The best carpenter available could be employed for $35 to $40 a week. A 27' wide, reinforced concrete street with curbs and gutters could be built for $7.00 a running foot. A complete set of plans and specifications for a 2,500 sq. ft. home would cost $60 to $75". My dad built the first portion of Avalon Center in 1937. That was the portion that is now Stone Mill Bakery and a portion of Avalon Stationery and Gifts. He built the rest of the center in 1946, after he returned home from the war. 


Sections of Avalon Place

Originally Recorded

Amended & Restated* 

Avalon Place

(2901 - 3117 Avalon Place and 2902 - 3044 Ella Lee Lane - even # only - north side of street)



First Addition

(2903 - 3039 Ella Lee Lane - odd # only - south side of street)



Second Addition

(3003 - 3068 Reba Drive and 3002 - 3071 Locke Lane)



Third Addition

(2301 - 2609 Ella Lee Lane and 2113 - 2219 Dickey Place; 2301 Reba)



Fourth Addition

(2402 - 2532 Reba Drive and 2405 - 2409 Dickey Place)



Fifth Addition

(2301 - 2532 Locke Lane and 2411 - 2509 Dickey Place)



Sixth Edition

(2312 - 2615 Avalon Place and 2101 - 2109 Dickey Place)



* 2018 Second Amendment to Deed Restrictions was adopted 02/08/2018.