Architectural Review

Prior to commencement of any construction within Avalon Place that requires the issuance of a building permit from the City of Houston (per applicable Houston ordinances and codes), the owner of the lot on which construction is planned (“Owner”) or its architect or general contractor shall submit to APOA a complete set of the construction drawings and a recent survey for review and approval (collectively, the “Proposed Plans”). The Proposed Plans shall include, without limitation: Site Plan, Roof Plan, Existing and Proposed Floor Plans, Sections and Exterior Elevations.

Within thirty (30) calendar days following submission of the Proposed Plans, APOA will provide a written notice to Owner either approving the Proposed Plans or stating any revisions necessary to bring the Proposed Plans into compliance. The Proposed Plans must comply with all three of the following documents: 

2001 - Amended and Restated Restrictions
2018 - Amendment to Restrictions (Second Amendment)
2018 - Policies + Procedures

If revisions are required, Owner will amend the Proposed Plans and resubmit plans to APOA. This process will continue until APOA notifies Owner of its approval of the Proposed Plans (the Proposed Plans, as approved by APOA, are hereinafter referred to as the “Final Plans”).

please email inquiries and/or submittals to: [email protected]
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